UnNews:Obama bows to Saudi king, triggers fall of Western Civilisation

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Obama bows to Saudi king, triggers fall of Western Civilisation

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 18:47:59 (UTC)

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13 April 2009

Obama bow down

Yeah, I'm talking to you!

KING FAHD MEMORIAL PALACE, Saudi Arabia -- In a surprise move, president Barack Obama ceded all ultimate authority over the United States to the Arabian-Islamic cabal. Although words to this effect were not spoken, by bowing to the King of Saudi Arabia, Obama was sending a secret Muslim signal that our precious American way of life is over.

Following the humiliating kow tow to Mohammedan religion, President and King met behind closed doors to discuss major points; converting to Sharia Law, banning alcohol, putting all women into beekeeper suits, and inscribing verses from the Koran on all public buildings.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the press that, "of course we'll outlaw the Republican Party and any other gay organisations. Homosexuality is banned in Islam, and GOP members like Larry Craig will be the first to taste the sword of justice!"

Prince Wahaba al Llama, the kings appointee to the new Cabinet position of Protector of the Faith, said "Fundamentalist Americans who give up their sinful ways will be relieved to know that in any case where secular and Islamic law differ, Allah will win out every time. The others, not so much"

As a generous concession to America, the melting pot, Jews will not be persecuted like atheists, Hindus, apostates, and Buddhists. The destruction of the State of Israel will no longer be of high priority. Official policy will be to ignore them.

Iranians are reported to be upset with the coup, and jealous of Arabs. Expatriot Farhaz Khamalabadabhing complained to UnNews' senior Spiritual Reengineering correspondent during a brief interview, "Fah! Arabs! First they undermine Europe, and now America! God damn it, all we can look forward to now is Canada!"

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