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Obama Ponzi scheme speech reveals short-term plan

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 11:40:59 (UTC)

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17 April 2011


President Obama promises no change in the US Ponzi scheme government for another term.

WASHINGTON D. C. -- President Obama made one of the most important speeches of his presidency on Wednesday. It was an eloquent defense of America’s private-banker run economy and outlined specifically how he would keep the ship a-float four more years.

For people who have been searching for Barack Obama’s core beliefs, this speech is perhaps the single best place to start. The bottom line is that the President is committed to making the United States' Ponzi-scheme government and private-banker FED controlled economy work after all, at least for another term in office.

Obama revealed himself to be a radical middle-of-the-road theomaniac, but not very far middle. To begin with, he accepts the fact that the government being a huge Ponzi scheme is America’s biggest pitfall, yet he proposed a set of measures that would perpetrate or continue the Ponzi scheme, with spending cuts in all programs. And more importantly he proposed an alternative so that if the Ponzi scheme targets were not met, Congress would immediately authorize the printing of more American monopoly money – a solution tried before.

This last feature may be the most important specific proposal in Obama’s plan, and a sign of its credibility, because it addresses the glaring flaw in almost every budget proposal: Ponzi schemes are mathematically doomed. A fail-safe ensures that when the government Ponzi scheme ultimately doesn’t work out — which is certain — Congress is forced to act. And the action taken will be to authorize the privately owned FED to print more paper money, which is then loaned to the government at make-believe value plus interest.

Then there is the issue of entitlement programs. Here, Obama was at his most eloquent but least pragmatic. He made a passionate case for maintaining a basic social safety net for all, particularly the Fortune 500, that will not be noticed by most Americans. But he lost his courage in proposing any sensible reforms to these ultimately hopeless programs.

The number of people eligible for Social Security and Medicare will double by 2030. At that point, those two programs plus Medicaid will take up about 160 percent of the federal budget. We need radical thinking to make them affordable, such as counterfeiting money. If only there was the money to spend on all the investments that Obama believes in. If only Ponzi schemes built on private banking could work forever? If only perpetual-motion were possible? If only, Print, baby, print, was a less familiar mantra.

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