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Obama's cabinet criticized for lack of diversity

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 21:59:59 (UTC)

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13 January 2013


Obama with a token white male

Washington DC, USA -- US President Barack Hussein Obama, has been criticized by feminist groups, minority advocates, and even some conservatives for a lack of diversity in his second term cabinet choices.

Replying to such concerns, President Obama is quoted as saying, "As president, I intend to fill my cabinet with the most qualified people available, without respect to skin color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or any other group identification. However, it has come to my attention that my first administration was far too colored to be representative of America. Therefore, to truly represent all Americans, I am forced to take affirmative action to appoint white protestant males where ever possible."

"As an angry white protestant male, I felt that Obama didn't really represent me or my interests," said one white man, "In addition to being a half-negro, his foreign sounding name frightened and confused me. Now, with his selection of several white men to fill his cabinet, I can feel comfortable voting Democratic again. I heard he even nominated a Republican as secretary of defense just to have another white man in his cabinet."

Obama went on, "My regrettable policy of ignoring white males has naturally offended some in the white community, and I am truly sorry for this. It is not wonder, then, that white men have felt uncomfortable in my party. In fact, I was raised by white people, and I actually have some white ancestry. For decades, the accomplishments of white men have been ignored and minimized, while their true accomplishments have falsely been ascribed to minorities and women. I intend to change this by introducing a long overdue white history month."

While many white men approve of Obama's new policy, some minorities have accused the President of reverse reverse discrimination. "Obama claimed to represent all Americans. His therefore should not be pandering to identity politics by overlooking qualified minority and women to select token white males.," said African-American Congressman Charley Rangel.

President Obama countered such criticism, "I am not attempting to favor white males, but, rather, to partially compensate for past reverse discrimination. While I can understand the objections the objection of women and minorities, I would remind them that they have have never experienced reverse discrimination. My policy of favoring white males is not supposed to be a permanent policy, but only as long as is needed to undo the affects of decades or reverse discrimination."

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