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OGG approval ratings fall once again

We distort, you deride

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 08:13:59 (UTC)

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2 October 2006

Problems playing this file? You might be a dope.

Problems playing this file? You might be a dope.

Un-suprisingly, the world agrees that Uncyclopedia is the best.

UNCYCLOPEDIA.ORG, THE INTERNETS Uncyclopedians around the globe (because the United States is the globe), have voted in favor of a new and unexpected change with the way they listen to their audio.

Hours after the change, Sir Reverand Zimulator's podcasts failed to come in OGG. He told UnNews "The MPEG Audio Compression Layer will make sure that it is easy to download and share UnNews broadcasts on popular P2P networks, such as LimeWire." And by that night, all audio that was recently recorded on UnNews was changed. However, no one actually voted on this, but when Uncyclopedians were allowed to vote, they didn't care anyway.

On the opposition, DaBlade was quoted as saying "Why must you use a bullshit format?, but since GNU/Linux users are a minority on Uncyclopedia, MP3 took over.

The little known website Wikipedia has refused to use the new format, instead hoping that they can stop further damage caused by the recent change. Jimbo Wales told UnNews "It has always been the Wikipedia promise to spread open content, an MP3 is not open source, so it does not meet Wikipedia's standards."

Xiph.Org expressed frustration about the new audio format, and shortly after began an Anti-Uncyclopedia Article to spread the message that OGG was not the progeny of an egg laid by a post-nuclear Ostrich, and MP3 was an artifice of ethno-centricism.

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