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Nutjob gets hold of fake news story. You won't believe what happens next

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 12:23:59 (UTC)

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20 December 2016

Stock keyboard warrior

Genuine image of a keyboard warrior not taken from stock images at all

This is why you should double-check any media reports involving anything that might be controversial. The Generistan police have cracked a ring of crafty keyboard warriors disseminating fake news. Watch how those fakes appear on your screens.

SOMEVILLE, Generistan -- Generistan police have arrested a man believed to be involved in a ring of fake news stories being spewed onto the internet. These news stories were being generated to capitalise on the gullibility of the stupid of a particular political persuasion, by appealing to their worldview and bolstering it without having any factual information.

"These stories are often very difficult to spot," said a spokesperson for the authorities, "they often use quote from 'spokespeople' representing different 'authorities', but lack any specifics in regards to the name of the spokesperson, or the authority to which they apparently represent. They also often show a particular personal bias that would not be the normal practise for a professional spokesperson, which in my view is a terrible travesty of spokespersoning."

Jello with fruit

Celebrities confess: Cafeteria food can improve you sex life! Read more...

"Often they will use common names for individuals that are named in the article to avoid being able to track down the originator of quotes." Mary Smith, a reporter for the Daily News, said. "They may also refer to other publications that may have a similar political bias, or in fact may even be written by the same individuals, or may not even be an extant publication but have a realistic sounding name."

According to unnamed sources, the use of unnamed sources is prevalent in these articles, as well as the lack of any by-line. They may link to other social networking pages, like Twitter. Very often they will have other articles with extremely false sounding premises. These can involve things such as Wikileaks stories, or articles with very crdible sounding headlines such as Man marries brown rice or Alien Invasion Plans Revealed. Even if it's have articles relating to celebrities or sex, or extremely dubious sounding claims about health and dieting.

Authorities detained John Smith (no relation) for posting these articles on social networking sites constantly. At the time of arrest John was said to be foaming at the mouth and screaming about the loss of his foil hat, and now the Russian alien CIA would be able to mind probe his butt. As many of the articles avoid indicating someone has actually been arrested, or anything else that would have a paper trail of charges that indicate any sort of veracity to the story, charges are yet to be raised.

The way many of these sites are put together in relationship to the technical side often gives clues to the amateurish coding behind them as well. This can be as simple as no sub-editors resulting in simple speeling mistakes, and will even extend to the point where html tags are actually visible on the screen mixed in with the text of the actual article. </span>

News of this has angered the public and caused spontaneous protests and rioting. "It is disgraceful the way they take video from an unrelated story and manipulate it to make it appear that it is involved in their fake news." one protester complained. "They'll take a YouTube video that is initially from a well known source, and then add their own caption on it in order to hide the broadcasters watermark." Shocking video of the protests included below.

Fake news protest

Genuine footage of fake news protest not taken from youtube at all

These articles will often encourage readers to share on social media platforms as well. And leave with no real ending, except a vague promise of follow up stories that are yet to be written.

More to come...

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