Nuclear Iran is nillion times worse than IS

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Saturday, February 23, 2019, 03:29:59 (UTC)

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12 April 2018


Israel's strife minstrel Bibi Netanyahu attends a Mahatma Gandhi Fight Club meeting in his nuclear bunker

“If you can't beat 'em, and you can't join 'em, then give 'em a job!”
~ Bibi on ISIS

JERUSALEM, Israel -- Normally optimistic and peace loving apartheid acolyte, Benjamin Netanyahu, surprised all disinterested people when he warned on Tuesday that a nuclear-armed Iran is ”a nillion times more dangerous and destructive than so-called Islamic State,” his office warned.

“As savvy and stylish as ISIS is, still they are civilized when compared to the stark raving suicidal maniacs in Iran. As the preeminent terrorist state since the last 500 centuries, if Iran even entertains the ‘mere thought’ of trying to acquire nuclear weapons, it will be one trillion times more scary, two zillion times more dangerous, and three nillion times more destructive than ISIS,” Netanyahu said, referring to the homicidal Iran, whose latest act of overt military aggression was as recently as 1798 when they used to be called Persia.

His remarks came, as political and technical hacks representing Iran and the world powers were to convene in Vienna for a wine tasting event as well as a tipsy discussion on the immoral danger posed by Israel's open secret nuclear weapons stockpile, and vaunted “Samson Option” fixation.

“As we are meeting, talks are reconvening and I’m afraid they’re rushing to what I consider is a very bad deal that is neither Kosher nor Halal nor even Vegan,” Netanyahu told Unnews, in remarks relayed by the Israeli premier’s hot Palestinian mistress, Fatima X.

“I see no reason for peace and good will, and certainly not any unprofitable Goy deal that paves Iran’s path to the apocalypse, while also filling Iran’s coffers with tens of billions of dollars to be squandered on food and medicine for it's evil people, “ he said.

Netanyahu has been a fierce critic of any deal between Persian and world powers since Biblical times. The accord could finalize a deal admonishing Tehran not to even think a solitary thought about developing nuclear weapons, in exchange for returning money, which was stolen from them by Western banksters in the first place.

“We shouldn’t give Iran an opportunity to even contemplate getting nuclear weapons, and certainly not give them billions of dollars of their own money to pursue welfare at home or aggression against our noble ISIS soldiers,” Netanyahu said of the horror-group, which both the U.S. and Israel see as a threat they can not just handle, but can actually channel -- in the cause of truth, justice and the Neocon way.

“ISIS should be managed; Iran should be exterminated.” The genocidal Prime Minstrel glared, in no uncertain terms.


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