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No water to throw aboriginal children in

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 13:43:59 (UTC)

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28 June 2007

Sydney, Australia - Honest John, Prime Mongrel of Australia has returned to his top electoral campaigning form by talking about separating children from parents, this time indigenous non-whities in the desert rather than non-indigenous non-whities on the open ocean.

"I'll take the judgement of the Australian people every time I mix children, racism and strong arm of the Australian Defense Force, but I think there is broad agreement out there in the community for what I'm trying to do." said Little Johnny (while Robbing Hood the Treasurer was hiding from the furore, meekly hoping Johnny will blow his triple-Lazarus bypass and let Peter go to the election against Saint Kevin).

"Last time, it was the turn of the Navy to hassle non-Liberal-voting kids and forget that children tend to drown after a day or two in the open ocean, even if you are watching them from a top-of-the line Navy surface vessel. Now, the land forces get their turn to make non-White Labor voters throw their children into the desert, which has been unnaturally dry. A bit like my economics" Howard added with his usual wit.

"I'm sure the Army has the experience required to do the job, after all, they've just shown the world how we create a secure environment for families in dry places away from the ocean like Iwreck and AfterUncleSamistan."

"The police forces, together with Human Services, are also available to bring their experience at nurturing and confidence-building of isolated peoples in their holiday resorts at Woomera and Heard Island."

"Anybody who thinks that we are returning to 1930's paternalism has got rocks in their heads, as the social welfare recipients of non-white extraction have had the vote for a couple of decades. 1930's paternalism comes when we deregister them for running away from security forces and not being at a registered address when the electoral enrollment officer visits their townships. We're even giving the enrollment officers a couple of apache helicopters to move around various indigenous shanty towns (oops, communities) more efficiently."

edit Sources

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