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23 April 2007


The basis of Niintendo's new corporate identity

NIINTENDO HQ, KIIOTO, JAPAN, EAST ASIIA -- The corporation formerly known as Nintendo is now officially Niintendo.

With Wii fever sweeping the world (despite the damage done), a Niintendo spokesperson announced (in Mii form) that from now on, "Wii have a new identiity."

Indeed, Niintendo's identity has been completely reformed by the introduction of the Wii and the concept of togetherness through the Way of Niintendo. For example, the Niintendo Dii-S has been redesigned to incorporate the accelerometer technology incorporated in the Wiimote.

A brief list of changes will follow.

  • Nintendo -> Niintendo
  • DS -> Dii-S
  • Twilight Princess: Twiilight Princess
  • Super Mario -> Super Mariio

Elmer Fudd commented that "Shhhhhhhh, be ve-Wii ve-Wii quiet; I'm hunting Wii buyers."

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