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Newscaster caught without underpants

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 10:17:59 (UTC)

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12 December 2006

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Franc was wearing a suit although he left his underpants at home.

BORDEAUX, France -- Franc Jampanoi was caught without underpants today as he delivered breaking news on a local television station. The incident occurred approximately 14 seconds after the news began, when the camera shifted away from the newscaster's face. The news was later stopped although some images may have reached Deuil-la-Barre in northern Paris.

"I was in the control room, grabbing a glass of water because I was so thirsty," said Jacques Frère, the cameraman, "When I looked at the camera, no one was in charge of it! Then I looked at the monitor and I think I saw his penis," He went on to explain that after he saw the monitor, he ran to the camera and tried to stop it; however, he was slightly drunk and could not find the button immediately. As a result, 46 seconds of "underpants-free" video was broadcast to the public. The 35-year old newscaster said, "Oh, I didn't know. Excuse me". After a couple of hours, he was fired.

Whilst it is not a very good day for Jampanoï, the reaction of the citizens of Deuil-la-Barre, a small city located about 13.7 kilometres from Paris, were varied. A group of people celebrated the incident by running around the city naked, while some others could not move at all because of the outrageous video. "It's just, it's, umm, it's just, really, awful, the size, ummm," said a shocked girl. The mayor of the city later stated, "News is no longer a good thing to watch, I knew that since I was a little boy."

Experts say it is just a matter of time until the video reaches YouTube, MySpace and Google Video. They announced that the video is "worth watching".

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