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News bureaus boycott Palin after UN snub

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 22:08:59 (UTC)

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23 September 2008

NEW YORK UNN - Tensions between Republican Sarah Palin's handlers and the press corps covering the McCain-Palin campaign reached a new high point today when the campaign announced that the only reporters allowed to cover Palin's United Nations visit would be forced to wear a ball gags and ear plugs during the event to prevent questions during the photo ops.

Since Palin's nomination, press access to the candidate has been at a minimum, partly to shield the Vice Presidential candidate from from unscripted questions, and partly to shield her from scripted questions as well. However McCain's campaign denies these charges, claiming that they are "just the grumblings of a disenchanted press corp."

'"All along we have said that Governor Palin would answer questions when she is available. We anticipate that she will be ready to do so in 2010," said McCain at a Sarah Palin rally in his home state of Arizona.

McCain tried to explain the measures for the U.N. visit as prophylactic, saying that "This isn't a U.S. campaign stop, its a campaign stop to the World in a sense that its one stop shopping at the U.N. And the American people only care about what happens here in the good old U.S. of A."

In addition to the New York Times, sixty other major media outlets including UnNews, will boycott the event, even though Palin has promised to bitch-slap the Russian ambassador Vitaly Cherkin as a preemptive strike against that country.

For its part, the McCain-Palin organization will continue its verbal war on the free press by continuing to refer to it was the Liberal media using deep tones and sneer on their mouths.

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