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New wallpaper design for Trump's team

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 08:12:59 (UTC)

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21 November 2017


This sheet is for the smallest room.

WASHINGTON, USA -- USA Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin and his wife Louise 'Entitled moi?' Linton proudly hold up a sheet of the new wallpaper design. Made with using real US dollars, the wallpaper will soon be seen lining the rooms of many government offices.

"Lining our walls with real dollar bills shows how much we believe in making America Great Again," said Mnuchin." Unlike so much in America - thanks to Barack Obama and his fellow secret Democrats like George W. Bush, you can make dollar bills in this country. No one can print our money!."

Mnuchin added that his wife Louise would do all the necessary 'arrangements' for the decoration project and hopes that the job will soon be done. She added.

"This dollar wallpaper will be flawless and I trust many Americans will be feel proud to see their money lining our walls. We hope to see in future other Dollar bill products like kitchen tiles and loungers. I think being so close to real money makes you wish you had more."

Already plans are well advanced to see dollar bill wallpaper be installed in nearly all government private offices. Only the US President Donald Trump has refused to have this 'stuff' on his walls. He says only 'solid USA gold' is good enough for decoration of the Commander in Chief's residences. He would accept dollar wallpaper if he was 'as cheap as Hillary Clinton.'

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