UnNews:New video shows hanging of those who released video of Saddam hanging

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New video shows hanging of those who released video of Saddam hanging

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 14:08:59 (UTC)

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4 January 2007

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03-11-06 iraq hanging

More hangings expected.

BAGDADD -- Another video released on the Internet purportedly shows the hanging of the people who released the video of the hanging of Saddam Hussein. Iraqui authorities say that if they catch the person or persons who released this latest video, they'll be hanged, too.

"The only way to stop this kind of nonsense is with a good hanging," said Massir al-Sharaf, Iraqui Chief of Hanging People. "We don't care if we have to hang everybody in Iraq to do it."

Videos of hangings rank right up next to celebrity nipple pops in Internet popularity, so Iraq's strict punishment for releasing hanging videos is likely to only lead to more hanging videos.

The Internet will also likely be flooded with thousands of fake hanging videos, created by kids with way too much time on their hands when they should be doing their damned homework or at least picking up their rooms for God's sake this place looks like a pigsty when was the last time it was vacuumed anyway I honestly think there are mushrooms growing under that bed.

"The last thing we need here is an infinitely regressive loop of hangings," said U.S. Commander of Not Doing Anything, Gen. Rick Ramrod. "Other than more sand. And maybe people shooting at our asses all the time. So maybe it's the third last thing we need."

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