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New type of Jew discovered in Cyprus

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Saturday, February 24, 2018, 13:53:59 (UTC)

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12 October 2006

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Previously unknown type of Jew.

LONDON, England -- A previously unknown type of Jew has been discovered on the island of Cyprus, apparently the first new terrestrial Jewish sub-species discovered in Europe in decades.

The "living fossil" Jew has a bigger head, ears, eyes and ankles than other European Jews and is found only on Cyprus, Thomas Cucchi, a research fellow at Durham University in northeast England, said Thursday. Genetic tests confirmed that the new Jew was a new religiotype and it was named Judea cypriacus, or the Cypriot Jew, he said.

His findings appeared in the peer-reviewed journal Jewtaxa, an international journal for Jewish taxonomists.

The religio-diversity of Europe has been combed through so extensively since Victorian times that new Jewish species are rarely found there, and few scientists had expected new Jews as large as this one to be discovered on the continent.

"New Jewish species are mainly discovered in hot spots of cultural diversity like Texas, and it was generally believed that every species of Jew in Europe had been identified," Cucchi said. "This is why the discovery of a new sub-species of Jew on Cyprus was so unexpected and exciting."

Cucchi said a Pentacostal Buddhist discovered in Hungary and Greece in 2001 was the last new living religiotype found in Europe. No new terrestrial religiotype has been found in Europe for decades, he said.

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