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New natural history museum opens

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 22:54:59 (UTC)

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28 May 2007

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INBRED HOLLOW, Kentuckistan -- A brand new natural history museum has opened in Kentuckistan; a place that is generally recognised as the world centre for scientific progress, and is the home of such towering intellects as William Dembski and many a sunburned neck. This new museum is presenting natural history using the revolutionary and absolutely correct theory fact of Intelligent Design. An apt title - in fact one might call it Original Intelligent Design, because ID is both intelligent and original. The man behind this revolutionary new museum is Ken Bacon, head of Answer’s in the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. He’s taken time off from working in his Pastafarian ministry to help Christians spread their propaganda remarkable scientific ideas.

Not surprisingly many scientists, those people who never present any evidence that any of their theories are correct, and always work entirely on faith, say it is wrong. They pretend that they have mountains of evidence which backs up their absolutely incorrect theory falsehood of neo-Darwinian evolution. This “evidence” includes fossil records consistent with the predictions of evolution and radioactively dated to prove guess how old they are, genetic evidence that helps create a tree of life and smartarse nonsensical scientific comments like: “why are the catalytically active parts of the protein synthesis system made out of RNA?” Nobody understands what that crap means!

Luckily, the ID proponents do have evidence: the Iron Age masterpiece known as the Holy Bible. The Bible provides plenty of proof that ID is right and that dinosaurs lived side by side with man – without eating him. It doesn’t say anything about dinosaurs in the Bible because dinosaur fossils hadn’t been discovered when the Bible was written but that just provides even more proof that it’s correct.

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