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29 June 2009

Gliese 619 Earthlike planet

As you can see, its pretty icy.

GLIESE 619 SOLAR SYSTEM -- In the constellation Big Show (the Wrasslin' Giant), 18.2 light-years away orbiting Gliese 619, yet another extrasolar planet is seen transiting its star from Earth. The other planets don't seem to transit Gliese because this planet has a highly inclined orbit. Like all extrasolar planets (see exoplanet nomenclature) the planet was called Gliese 619 g, being the 6th planet discovered.

Gliese 619 g was discovered by Denica Arciniega (you people don't know her) in a survey of earthlike planets within 6 Parsecs. According to her, the planet appears an average temperature of 200 K. Since Gliese 619 g is 3.2 times more massive than Earth, it qualifies as a "Super-Earth".

edit Mr. Perfect

It is said that Curt Henning, aka Mr. Perfect, was born here.

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