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7 February 2007


Interpretation of Hyeroglyph shewing The Fresh Prince sitting upon his throne as the "Prince of Bel Air"

Cairo, Iran? Saudi..Arabia? Saudi Arabia. - Japanese explorer and archaeologist Sir Kennedy J. Scorpius has uncovered conclusive archaelogical evidence regarding the existence of the legendary "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". Namely, remains of the Fresh Throne of Bel Air buried underneath a dune and some douchebag's house have been found just a mile away from where the recently excavated remains of what many believe to be the rare chariot whose conductor (referred to as "Homes" in the mythological texts) is enterred in a tomb underneath an also nearby Blockbuster.

"The sudden increase in archaelogical finds in the area really makes me want to uppercut a puppy into a pool of acid," said Sir Scorpius when questioned about the astounding discovery.

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