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New Theory on the Extinction

We distort, you deride

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 14:36:59 (UTC)

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13 December 2009

Dinosaur Extinction

Ya, they were pretty much screwed

Chicago, Illinoise- 3 year old boy Joey came up with a compelling new theory on how the dinosaurs became extinct. "Nucleo Wos, Daddy.", said the Little Boy'.

In English that would be translated as: "Nuclear Wars, Daddy." German scientist says, "Those gun shells found in those dinosaur fossils finally make sense." "I can't bleieve it wasn't butter!", said Anonymous.

There was enough evidence that suggests that the dinosaurs in the North American Continent were in Nuclear War against the dinosaurs in the Middle Eastern part of the world over shortage in Banana Gas which triggered a massive explosion from an Atomic Bomb that can be seen from Uranus.

Scientists are already spending their Cure to every disease money on proving this theory to be true. " I knew that meteor stuff was just a bunch of bull****!", Said George W. Bush, "Everyone knows Dinosaurs are involnurable to meteors!"

Slabs of rocks around the world have a hint of radiation in them. Some believe that the Dino Nucleic Wars caused most of earth to be ocean. These people say that earth was once 70% land and 30% ocean, oh the irony. The United States Government is going to recreate the event for Scientific Purposes ONLY. To run the experiment, your chances of surviving are...not alot.

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