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17 February 2008

Justin Bruening

Justin Bruening in front of his new condo in KaffePlatzundSchingenWurst Square

KaffePlatzundSchingenWurst, Berlin, Germany, Sunday -- The Star of the NBC Sunday Night at the Remakes Special, Night Rider (8PM TODAY NBC), Justin Bruening, has recently bought a condominium in the Karaoke District of Berlin, KaffePlatzundSchingenWurst, located just on the otherside of the former western wall that separated the former West Berlin from the former Peoples Republic to the west of former West Berlin.

Justin was also spotted purchasing copies of the video games; Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Juke Box Hero, Don't Suck @ Singun, and Country Bear Singboree, as well as the new GoogleBox console which plays all video games published from pong through the current releases, (except for Satan's Hollow and Pong 360).

It is believed Justin's move is in anticipation of his German singing career taking off in a few months, after the buzz from the Night Rider movie softens to a whisper.

KITT, the car star of the NBC Sunday Night at the Remakes Special, Night Rider (8PM TODAY NBC), has reportedly been seen tooling around in Dubai UAE.

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