Nathan Fillion appointed French Prime Minister

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Thursday, July 19, 2018, 03:37:59 (UTC)

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18 May 2007


Nathan Fillion (right) and First Mate Gina Torres (left), ready to assume command

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UnNews Video Week Ending May 18 2007 - 3 stories

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PARIS, France - In an unexpected move, France's new President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that veteran actor Nathan Fillion will be France's new Prime Minister. "Nathan is the clear choice. As Mal, he got the Firefly crew out of countless situations. Throughout the years, he has proven to be both a good dramatic and comedic actor, and he has built up a slight reputation in Hollywood, which could give us both support and love from the American public." said Sarkozy, in an official statement.

Fillion, known as "Mal" on the FOX cult hit, "The X-Files", as well as "The Other Ryan" In the summer blockbuster, "Black Hawk Down", was surprised to hear the news. "I think this guy's a little nuts. I'm just an actor. Plus I'm Canadian, not French. I don't think this is even legal."

A Spokesman for Sarkozy refused to comment on these remarks. "Needless to say, Fillion will be a great boon to France's faltering image. We expect him to be a great blessing for the people of France." said the spokesman. Fillion is already slated to hold publicity photos next week, in which he'll pose in front of a screen depicting the spaceship Serenity whilst holding a French flag.

Should Fillion choose to decline his position, the role of Prime Minister will logically be handed down to his First Mate, Gina Torres.

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