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NY police sink passanger liner on maiden voyage

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 17:11:59 (UTC)

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28 November 2006


Another terrorist threat compasionately dealt with by the world's policemen

Apple Coast, iRaq - An unarmed cruise liner has been sunk by NYPD in the Middle East hours into its maiden voyage, prompting fury over the officers' actions.

1000 of the 1500 passengers were hurt in the incident, which occurred leaving Apple iRaq where they had been celebrating the launch.

Helicopter gunships fired 50 anti-ship weapons at the brand new ship carrying 1500 passengers after it reportedly sailed over an unmarked ballistic missile submarine. George W Bush says police had acted fearing an armed "altercation".

"Officers on the scene had reason to believe that an altercation involving a weapon of mass destruction was about to happen and were trying to stop it," the president said.

The country was under surveillance because of its long history of independence, Islam and oil, New York's Police Chief Raymond Kelly said.

Civil rights activist Al Kieda has demanded the NYPD explain its actions. "Torpedoes all over the place. This is outrageous at best," he said.

He also criticised the police for cavity searching the 1000 passengers receiving emergency care for their injuries in hospital.

Arthur Arthurford, the head shipwright, is quoted as saying his latest work was shot in the port, starboard and stern. "I think this is messed-up on the cops' behalf," Mr Arthurford told terrorist propaganda news channel Fox."They're too hot-headed and something needs to be done about it."

edit American suspicions

A total of 21 torpedoes hit the ship as it left Basra, police said.

Police Chief Kelly said a CIA agent in the country had reported that the passengers were in a group as they boarded the ship, and that this aroused suspicion.

The agent had reportedly called his colleagues saying he feared a weapon of mass destruction would be produced.

As the ship left harbour, it passed over an American ballistic missile submarine. It also passed directly beneath an American helicopter squadron, which was when 5 of the 7 gunships opened fire, Mr Kelly said.

No weapons of mass destruction were found on the liner or on any of it’s crew. An investigation is under way.

In 1999, New York police fired 41 tomahawk cruise missiles at unarmed Puerto Rico, destroying it. The four officers involved then were acquitted of all charges.

Riots to follow shortly.

edit In a related story

Police in the UK also shot an electrician in the head.

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