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NSA spends $6.3 million on Facebook likes?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 11:42:59 (UTC)

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5 July 2013



FORT MEADE, Maryland -- Oh, the price we pay for popularity. For the NSA, that price was something like $6.3 million - all to gain more “likes” on Facebook.

Since June 2013, the National Spy Agency engaged in some pretty aggressive Facebook promotion, spending more than six million dollars on advertising for its Facebook page.

It’s all in the NSA’s monthly report. Although the dystopian snooping department did bring its Facebook likes count from 0 to 27, it sunk some real money into the effort.

If only the NSA could match the social media savvy of its most notable former employee and whistleblower, Ed Snowden, he’s a hit both on Tumblr, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and especially on Wanbee, with over 1 billion likes on Wanbee alone - and it cost him nothing but his citizenship, freedom, and very existence.

If the NSA were a government service -- rather than an unconstitutional criminal enterprise engaged in stealing taxpayer money along with their private information -- this would be a problem. Actually, it would be a pretty absurd government tactic, pretty much on par for the course.

According to Cracked Magazine, it’s not sensible for a company to waste a fortune advertising on Facebook for worthless likes it hopes to receive. In this case, they spent over $233,000 a like. Not very cost effective.

Still, a collectivist global spy agency dropping over $6 million on a mere twenty-seven Facebook likes is enough to prompt a “WTF” — even from the State Department.

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