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NASA starts preparations for fake manned Mars landing

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Friday, March 16, 2018, 04:20:59 (UTC)

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2 June 2008


First human footprints on Mars.

GREEN VALLEY, MARS - NASA spacecraft Phoenix, landed on Mars, has started to fake human footprints in the sand of the red planet. This is part of the preparations for the manned Mars landing mission, which is to be faked in the year 2020 or later according to the plans of US president George W. Bush.

"For a successful fake of a manned Mars mission, we of course need a lot more preparations," a NASA spokesman admitted for UnNews. "Imitating human footprints is just a small part. We also need authentic-sounding scratchy and interrupted radio voice signals with hefty delays, and we need a flag to blow in the Mars winds convincingly. And then, simulating stumbled hops in the reduced Mars gravitation is quite a challenge for our choreographers."

The hardest problem, however, will be to find a hot slogan which is able to top Neil Armstrong's cool A small step for man ... line. At the moment, they consider a witticism like "Men have made it to Mars, how are women doing on Venus?" or something like that.

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