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N. Korea takes advantage of internet "Glory Hole"

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 05:30:59 (UTC)

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9 July 2009


The man suspected as Kim_Jong_Kill87.

Seoul, South Korea--- Malicious software, spam, and blatant insult themed e-mails were sent to numerous S. Korean e-mail accounts and websites. N. Korea is the leading suspect behind the attacks on the unsuspecting S. Koreans. "The reason we expect it is N. Korea is because the sender of the spam and insult themed e-mails went by the alias 'Kim_Jong_Kill87'; and no one, other than Kim Jong Il, uses that alias, as far as we know," says a S. Korean intelligence agent. S. Korea also believes N. Korea is taking advantage of the recent vulnerability in Windows Internet Explorer, which allows hackers to send malicious software, etc.

"You suck," "Il Rulez," and "I Fudged your mother last night," were just a few of the insulting e-mails, along with malicious software and spam, sent to various addresses and websites throughout S. Korean cyberspace . "Back in my day we didn't even have internet, so ya couldn't send nothin' like that ta nobody!" says old man Smithers, who for some reason or another ended up in Seoul, S. Korea.

S. Korean intelligence also reports of receiving direct challenges to play various X-Box Live games. "Ill eat your children, and fornicate with your dog," is supposedly what one message read. These messages may be in lieu of the upcoming face-off between USA and N. Korea in the be-all, end-all X-Box Live match scheduled at an undisclosed time.

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