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Mysterious fart debacles Middle-Eastern summit

Straight talk, from straight faces

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018, 10:17:59 (UTC)

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6 January 2007

Sharem-a-Sheik, Egypt


"You did it!" "No, you did it!" "I'm telling you I can smell it coming from your side!" "Everybody knows that all Jews are liars!"

Months of preparation climaxing a historical summit between the Egyptian president, Husni Mubarak and Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert ended abruptly as the two senior politicians parted ways, quite angrily.

While discussing the future of the region and mutual touristy initiatives a foul smell started drifting in the Egyptian palace's decorated meetings hall.

"At first we thought the sewers broke down again" told UnNews resident Egyptian security official and weekend plumber Hassan Al-Jora. "But as I send my aid Mahmud to check it out, he said that everything was in order back there. So then I checked the next obvious place"

Quote1 The Jew released a Pharaoh on me Quote2 ~ Mubarak

"The loo?" we asked "The kitchens of course" responded Al-Jora. "But the chef swore that he ordered out to please the bloody Jew with some Kosher food so the kitchens weren't even used that day. Then we found out what was the cause for that smell. One of the esteemed leaders simply released a test balloon".
"They what?" we asked in bewilderment
"Unleashed a camel"
"Squeezed a pyramid"
"Come Again?"
"Blew a wind over the dessert's sands"
"Released a Pharoe"

After a few minutes of enduring the foul stench while pulling a brave face and pretending a light migraine or an allergy attack both leaders declared "being a bit drowsy" and agreed upon "meeting in a later date when the weather won't be as dense".

Quote1 The Arab had too much Humus for dinner Quote2 ~ Olmert

Mutual accusations erupted following the embarrassing incident. President Mubarak claimed that The bloody Jew cannot hold down some hot nice cup of black coffee with cardamom while PM Olmert stated that The Arab had too much Humus for dinner. Naturally, and unsurprisingly, all negotiations failed. As usual.

"We need to get the president a dog" concluded Al-Jora "So he can blame it next time".

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