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Muslim cleric blames rapists for rape

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 07:02:59 (UTC)

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19 September 2011


Sheik al-Hilali is noted for having a keen eye for social injustice. Well, kinda.

SYDNEY, Australia -- Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric has triggered international outrage by claiming that rapists are responsible for committing acts of rape. The mufti of Australia, Sheik Taj Aldin al-Hilali, while addressing 500 worshipers during a Ramadan sermon, condemned men who forcibly insert their penis into a women’s vagina without first gaining the necessary verbal or written permission.

The cleric is no stranger to controversy. Mr al-Hilali, who cannot be named for religious reasons, arrived in Australia in 1982 on a strict Doner Kebab visa and publicly fought attempts in 1983 to deport him after he was busted by immigration officials for operating a small accounting firm. In 2004, he controversially stated that the September 11 terrorist attacks were caused by piloting error and blamed the American government for cutting funding to pilot training.

During the sermon al-Hilali said: “If you choose to go out in public without first lightening the load, and in a lust filled frenzy, attack and rape women instead of going about your own business… whose fault is it, the rapist or the victim?” He also claimed that penises were the tool of the devil designed for pure unadulterated evil.

In a statement released today, the outspoken cleric apologized for his comments and said “I did not mean to say that rapist’s are to blame. My words were taken out of context. I was simply suggesting that men should rub one out before going out. Statistics prove that a man in a post masturbation state is ten percent less likely to commit rape and four percent less likely to take up-skirt photos of emo chicks on the train.”

Rapist groups were horrified by the claims, with the head of the Rapists Alliance, Peter Dupas exclaiming, “These comments just go to show how ignorant he is. Sometimes I’ll go out for a few quite beers, end up getting smashed off my face, and lose control of my primal urges. I mean, if women didn’t have vaginas, they wouldn’t get raped. He’s not taking into account my traumatic childhood, drug addiction and consistently erect penis.”

Islamic groups have disassociated themselves from Mr al-Hilali’s remarks. The Islamic Council of New South Wales said his comments were “un-Islamic, un-Australian,” and,” he must’ve been smoking some seriously heavy shit through his hookah.”

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