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Mozilla gives China certificate of distrust

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 07:02:59 (UTC)

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3 April 2015

Giant Panda

The signature Chinese panda cannot believe the writing on its new Certificates of Trust.

BEIJING, China -- Mozilla, creator of the popular Firefox web browser, said on Thursday it would follow Google and stop recognizing Certificates of Trust issued by China.

Certificates of Trust verify a website's authenticity, and Mozilla's move will result in warnings to users that the website might be a fake, which the user will click through if kiddie porn or a get-rich-quick scheme is at the other end.

Google's Chrome browser already stopped recognizing Chinese certificates. "Do the right thing" is Google's motto, when it is not censoring searches to suck up to the Chinese. Microsoft's Internet Explorer has not made this decision; it is letting Chrome eat its lunch and is competing with Firefox for the Chrumbs. Microsoft's motto is, "Screw doing the right thing — let's make some serious money," which its Internet business has not done since Steve Ballmer left.

The China Internet Network Information Center (CINIC) "out-sourced" certificates to an Egyptian company, earning all the CINIC-ism from those who do not see Egypt as the Mecca of trusted computing. China called Mozilla's decision "unacceptable" and urged it to "consider the users' interests" — just as China does, like whenever a Chinese citizen tries to Google "Tienanmen."

Google and Mozilla have said they will let China reapply after a convincing show of remorse and a promise to be trustworthy in the future, the same standard the "Great Satan" is applying to its treaty to slow down Iran's completion of its nuclear weapon.

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