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Movie Maven notices that Kate Winslet is a whore

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 17:30:59 (UTC)

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3 June 2009


This whore is all about the bucks - unless there is prime Leonardo DeCaprio meat involved.

North Atlantic, Atlantic Ocean - Rose DeWitt Bukate, a whore who sadly escaped death on the Titanic, was played by well known "whore" Kate Winslet over ten years ago. It is unknown why so many still regard her character as "sweet" or "innocent".

"We picked Kate Winslet as she was a well known whore who would do anything for the money", said James Cameron, "We already had her whorish nature in mind for 'Revolutionary Road' in which she would whore herself out to Shep and 'The Reader' in which she would whore herself out for being read to."

James Cameron has been surprised at her appeal in the movie "Titanic". He made her charcter as despicable as possible, he related in an interview. He did everything in his power to show that she was a cheap and shallow bitch all about herself. But oddly, the American viewing audience didn't take it that way.

"She's on the boat - the highest priced luxury liner on Earth - soley because her impoverished and penniless mother whored her out to some rich guy", said Cameron, "and she went along with it. She's technically 17, but portrayed as an adult in the movie, and fully capable of making her own decisions."

Cameron points out that if she didn't want to be with a rich man for his money, the time to say so would have been before getting engaged to him, before accepting a priceless "Star of the Ocean" diamond pendant from him, and before agreeing for him to pay her and her pimp mother's passage to America to live as fat cats for the rest of their scamming and whorish lives.

But she did all that. And the rich guy had done nothing bad whatsoever to deserve such treatment. Even when she cheated on him in her heart, and made him look like a cuckold, all he did was overturn a table. "Hell, most guys would have beat her. I would have.", said Cameron.

Even after that, the rich guy did nothing more then try to preserve their relationship and protect her from some poor and opportunistic schmuck. But playing a whore is no stretch for Kate Winslet, and she proved that in "Titanic", continually rejecting the advances of the man that she had pledged her life to, and who was providing for her and her mom's homeless asses.

Kate Winslet has also played the whore in "Revolutionary Road" in which she fucks some guy in his car because her hubby wants to accept a promotion rather than travel to Europe with her, when he realizes that she's pregnant. She also played a murdering whore in "The Reader" who fucked some young boy in exchange for him reading to her. It's believed that her next movie is going to be called "Whore", the story of Aileen Wuornos, in which she will be doing a remake of the movie of her life, co-starring (again) fellow whore Christine Ricci.

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