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Mountain Goat Hunting, a Popular New Sport

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 01:57:59 (UTC)

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17 May 2008


His first goat, an achievement that has taken him 48 years of focusing to earn

Russia: A new sport has been recognized by Russia known as Mountain Goat Hunting. The Mountain Goats used are the Goats that cannot Mountain Goat Race. Most mountain goat hunters have been hunting goats since birth, so specialist recommend sending your young children to mountain goat hunting schools before they reach the age of 4.

The rules of mountain goat hunting state:
  • Only Pregnant Females can be hunted
  • Do not steal from other hunters
  • You may only keep the head and udders of the goat and the rest must be fed to Lions, Tigers, or Laser Tigers
  • You must let the Mountain Goat have his last rights (and holly matrimony if needed to proceed to heaven)


"I'm gonna have me some tasty goat head tonight"

The United States is still considering accepting Mountain Goat Hunting. In the upcoming elections John McCain and Barack Obama stated that they do not support the Goat Hunting, but Hillary Clinton says she Mountain Goat hunts in her spare time.

There are several dangers to Mountain Goat Hunting.

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