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Mosque comments taken out of context

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 17:57:59 (UTC)

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24 November 2007

Death to everybody

Here we see peace-loving Muslims performing a traditional Arab "Death to everybody who's different from us" dance. Irish MP Nancy Pelosi dances in solidarity with her Jihadist brothers, except without wearing the customary small arms or explosive devices.

BIRMINGHAM CITY, UK -- West Midlands Police have arrested Channel 4 producers for broadcasting a documentary featuring undercover footage shot inside mosques around the United Kingdom. The producers are being charged for crimes against freedom, alledging that the footage aired showed comments that were taken out of context.

Superintendent Johnson highlighted the fact that comments such as "Cut the throats of the infidels" and "Remove their unborn seed" and "Death to all who reject Islam" should be taken in the correct context, and that Islam is a peaceful religion. Imman Mohammed of the Birmingham City Mosque backed called for an end to this defamatory portrayal of Muslims as terrorists, by calling for "the slaughter of the infidels responsible for this unjust portrayal".

"It is exactly this kind of media bias that leads to events like the Jewish holocaust, which of course never actually happened since that was a Zionist conspiracy to allow the Jewish dogs to invade the lands of Allah. The British people need to learn that Islam is a religion of peace and learning, and that death awaits anyone who says otherwise."

George Galloway, was quick to call for tolerance and understanding of Islamic culture, and condemned those who judge terrorists by Western standards, which are clearly inferior. "It's racist to accuse Muslims of being violent and intollerant. Even if they are, we have no right to criticise them?"

In a stunning upset, Irish Parliamentarian and author of the doctoral thesis, "My Drink Is Whiskey" Nancy Pelosi, motored in at the last minute for a peace demonstration in Solihull sponsored by The Metropolitan Borough of Solihull Muslims For A Kinder, Gentler Jihad. She was later spotted dancing with the less shy Islamic gents, who wore festive, feature-obscuring black uniforms and masks, honouring the slaughter of infidels.

Although a statement has yet to be issued, it's believed that the producers will be handed over to Saudi officials for processing under Sharia Law.

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