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Milk Carton blamed for assassinations

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 06:31:59 (UTC)

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14 November 2006

An ordinary innocent looking milk carton has been blamed for assassinations of over 13 people in a small rural town outside of Pitsburg... Pittsberg... Pittsburg. Witnesses claim that "this was no friendly, fresh smelling milk carton" and that although the Milk Carton wasn't very social, his violent outbreak has shocked hundreds.

A shocking photo as the milk carton attempts to flee and is shot in the leg.

The milk carton was taken down by SWAT personal as he tried to flee from a scene. He was shot in the leg as he crawled along the ground pathetically begging for mercy as he left a trail of blood. He was then taken into custody in Alcatraz in a high security cell.

edit Assassinations

He has been charged for assassination of the following people:

  • John F Kennedy
  • Japanese politician Inejiro Asanuma (sent the sushi chain shops of "Sushi Sushi" almost bankrupt)
  • Marvin Gaye (during the anti-gay revolution he was mistaken for being one of the "others")
  • President William McKinley
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • That piece of mouldy cheese in the corner of our studio(started world war 3)
  • Archduke Franz Ferdinand (started world war 1)
  • Mr. Puddy (started world war 2)
  • Chairman Mao
  • Hitler
  • Stalin
  • the "realllll" God
  • Stephen A. Austin
  • Chocolate, his evil twin brother

This was the disturbing picture is an artist's impression of the assassination.

Okay, that was actually 14 people. These are some of the terrible deaths the peoples of Earth, Jupiter and P3-36A and 26% of the residents in the Andromeda galaxy have been wondering about. This milk carton will be sentenced to 50 forms of punishment including being fed his favourite food and a massage. From now on it'll be free candy bars and wheat based products for everyone, except that guy. No NOT HIM! the guy to the left! No.... No.... lil more.... OH CMON! A bit more to the right!... see?... No not him!... U NOOB, damn noobs can't even see that guy over there.

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