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Microsoft warns about "Glory Hole"

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 23:52:59 (UTC)

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7 July 2009


Go ahead, take a peek.

San Jose, California--- Microsoft has taken extreme measures to warn web surfers and internet junkies alike to be careful of a "chink in the armor (armour if you're British)" that is yet to be mended. The "vulnerability", as Microsoft is now calling it, affects Internet Explorer users who use XP or Windows Server 2003. The "hole", as Microsoft is now calling it, allows "hackers", as Microsoft is now calling them, to take control of the users computers allowing them to "stick any old thing in there" as one Microsoft associate puts it.

Microsoft has stated that the "hackers" have been taking advantage of the "hole" for about a week now, placing malicious, disgusting "software" on "websites", as Microsoft is now calling them. "The "hackers" lure unsuspecting users to the "hole" and then place their "malicious software" in the "hole". The users then pull the "software" over and over, allowing the "hacker" to take control," explains a Microsoft "associate", as Microsoft is now calling it.

"Hackers" have also been "pushing" "viruses", as Microsoft is now calling them, as anti virus software and spam. "We are trying to "patch" up the "hole" as soon as possible, its just that the "hackers" keep plugging it up with all their malicious "software"," explains the same Microsoft "associate"

There are no reports that Windows Vista has been affected in anyway, leaving some to conspire that Microsoft has created the "hole" on purpose so people would switch to Vista, but that theory has been since dismissed.

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