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Microsoft Announces New Zune; EuroZunes.com Already Registered

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 22:58:59 (UTC)

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30 July 2006

In a surprise announcement, software giant Microsoft announced that it would be launching its own multimedia device early next year with a highly windows-centric device, known as the Zune. This new technology has been cited as being a huge disaster for the likes of Creative, iRiver and Toshiba.

The release of the product is also aimed to coincide with the release of Microsoft's own music service known as 'Urge' which will allow users to download DRM copies of their favourite tracks that also delete themselves after a weeks usage using a rental system, in combination with the Windows Genune Advantage platform.

In response to this, esteemed socialist organization Eurogiveaways has already registered the site EuroZunes.com in anticipation of the release, allowing many disadvantaged europeans to get their hands on one of these exclusive items; UnNews was able to get an interview with senior executive of EuroGiveaways - CEO Derek Peterson

“What we're essentially doing is offering a free service to people, that is supported by our sponsors... claims of a pyramid scheme are pure lies, spread by evil right-wing capitalists”
~ CEO Derek Peterson

Currently signups for the service are being accepted and users will be added to a waiting list of people for the new Zune which will allegedly be shipped to them as soon as the Zune is released, and their friends hand credit card numbers over to the advertisers.

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