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Sunday, July 15, 2018, 21:20:59 (UTC)

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26 February 2007


The Great Mel Gibson play by Elijah Wood with Mr David Icke on set.

An UnNews Showbussiness Exclusive! Hollywood, California. America`s funnest Jew is currently making a film on the life of Australia`s most famous anti-semetic! Mel Brooks has let his trusted friends UnNews on to the set of his latest production, `Life of Mel Gibson, part one.`

"I wanted to make a serious film" said Brooks "After I was turned down to be Director of the last three Star Wars films. I mean why can`t Jedi`s have a custard pie fight?"

"So when I heard how Mel Gibson`s recent invaison of Poland went, not to mention all his interesting comments about Jews I knew this the subject for me." Brooks expands "The films starts off with Gibson as a poor artist son of Jew in downtown Sidney, then how he created Mad Max with propaganda minister Peter Jackson then a qucik skip to World War 2 with plenty of sex scenes."

Will Mel Brooks being also playing a cameo or will he stay stictly behind the camera? "During the siege of Stalingrad I play a Wandering Rabbi, like in Robbin Hood (Men in Tights). Its great loads of circumcision jokes to lighten up that dark moment in the film."

So why did Mr Brooks choose the young Ellijah Wood for the part? "He was cheap, $7.50 and hour plus overtime I told him. Infact originally I was considering using a Elmo puppet for Gibson with my voice however David Icke was against that idea." UnNews also asked Mel Brook why he has not made a good film since Blazing Saddles?

"This interview is over!"

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