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Megyn Kelly shamed further

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 04:52:59 (UTC)

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26 August 2015

Megyn Kelly

One must presume that Kelly would not be in the news business except for the red-blooded American couch potato.

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UnNews Senior Editors are currently lawyering up over this related article:

Trump puts reporterette in her place

NEW YORK CITY -- Zillionaire casino magnate Donald Trump has subjected Fox News info-babe Megan Kelly to yet more abuse.

Following her adversarial questioning of him at the start of the first "Presidential debate" on August 7, Trump insinuated that a two-week family vacation was caused by her rhetorical defeat, then implied that the vacation had made her go soft when she returned to interview Cornel West on immigration.

Trump has now taken to Twitter to re-tweet and reply:

The bimbo back in town . I hope not for long .

Fox News has already fired its best shot in defense of Kelly, noting that her personal time was scheduled well in advance of her new claw-marks from The Donald. Fox chief Roger Ailes said Trump's trumps were "unacceptable. He should retract them. No, he should retract himself. By rights, the Republican nomination belongs to Jeb Bush."

UnNews, anxious to give Kelly a forum in which to defend herself, rented the Univisión broadcast studio and opened the interview in a manner with which a Presidential beat reporter should be completely familiar, asking:

Mizz Kelly, Donald Trump — who you would have to concede has become a legitimate Presidential contender — has called into question the degree of, um, gravitas that you bring to the anchor desk. He suggests that you don't so much deliver insight as mere arousal to the male viewer. So — down to it — are you going to deny the accusation that you are a "bimbo"?

Unfortunately, the interview could not be completed as Kelly ran out of the presser like a comely Jorge Ramos (América's news-anchor baby, who had a close encounter with Trump's Brink's guards after Ramos's own badgering of Trump would not wait its turn) — a reaction that must be viewed as a firm answer to the question.

Trump's handlers called on Hillary Clinton — Trump's Democrat counterpart, both in terms of polled support and polled unlikeability — to reprise her role fighting off "bimbo eruptions" in the successful 1992 campaign of "husband" Bill Clinton. Hillary would thus engineer a "Campaign of Personal Destruction" against Kelly, freeing Trump to focus on serious campaign issues, such as building a 92-foot-high wall on the southern border and sending the bill to Mexico City.

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