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McCall in Face stuck / Wind Change shock

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 11:00:59 (UTC)

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11 January 2007

Img bb5 dermotdavina03

Davina, in a rare picture with her secret conjoined twin.


McCall just after the wind changed

Fans of Davina McCall were in shock last night after one of her trade mark "gurns" to camera was locked in place when the wind changed from a north-westerly to a south-easterly direction. The TV "presenter" was live on camera in the middle of ridiculing one of the trolls inside the latest Big Brother house when the incident occurred.

Eye witnesses described how the TV "personality" screwed up her face in a frozen rictus which then locked irrevocably as the wind unexpectedly altered course. Panic ensewed amongst her entourage as frantic attempts to relax the rigor like expression were made, all in front of a TV audience of millions. The live show was finally taken off air as paramedics arrived at the scene of humiliation.

"It was f****ing hilarious to watch" said one unnamed man, who was still crying from laughter, "I've hated her since she did MTV."

Doctors who treated her are hopefull that she will regain control of her facial expressions once the wind changes direction back again, probably next week. There is also the high risk that Davina may have to live with a slight gurn for the rest of her life.

What that may mean for her TV career? Nobody knows.

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