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May says "enough is enough," voters agree

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 17:10:59 (UTC)

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9 June 2017


Mrs. May indicates the number of opposition parties she will need in order to govern.

LONDON, England -- British voters have agreed with Prime Minister Theresa May's declaration that "enough is enough."

In this case, the declaration came before the terrorist attack, deranged UK voters driving a lorry into Westminster to do maximum damage, then jumping out and hacking off Members' arms and legs, electorally, that is.

Mrs. May becomes the newest female politician after Hillary Clinton to defy all the polls and reinforce the proverbial "glass ceiling" with titanium, just by being herself. Voters who voted to leave the European Union, and who saw Mrs. May as the rare politician to actually give them what they voted for, were to give her a larger majority in Parliament as a reward for her steady leadership. That is until they got a load of it, steady enough to disavow part of her manifesto and then deny she had done so, plus her inability to answer a question directly. Meanwhile, adversary Jeremy Corbyn vowed to be moderate, at least for the month of May and potentially part of June. For these reasons, Mrs. May's "May in June" campaign has turned into Red October.

Mrs. May's Conservative Party is still the most numerous party, though not quite 50% of the new Parliament. She told the Queen she will attempt to cobble together a coalition government, not including Labour, whose notes she cribbed to write the Conservative manifesto, but instead:

  • The Northern Ireland Unionist Party, which will support Mrs. May's plan to leave Europe, provided Northern Ireland then leaves the UK.
  • The Scottish National Party, which will help Mrs. May leave Europe, and then hold another referendum and also duck back inside Europe.
  • The Welsh are also likely to back Mrs. May, and not out of love for the English.

Thus, by the brilliant gambit of losing a can't-lose election, Mrs. May will succeed in pulling England out of the EU, minus the fringe bits, and setting up an isolated island nation occupying somewhat less than an island. The reconstituted country will start its reborn life flush with cash, thanks to Mrs. May's lucrative new tax on dementia.

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