May receives Plan B from Merkel

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Friday, February 22, 2019, 07:03:59 (UTC)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Brexit is in crisis but Angela Merkel is still willing to give something extra!

HADDAWAY, Great Britain -- Theresa May obviously didn't know what she did yesterday in the Houses of Parliament, thus lifting Brexit's calamity level up to a completely unpredictable peak. She did it her way, even tougher than Frank Sinatra did his it, and exactly no one's really able to follow her anyway. Even the 200 parliament members who where so  kind  worried to vote Yes instead of No, even they understood not a word of May's speeches. She ought to have spoken them on Hyde Park Corner instead! Of course she didn't know what hour stroke since Big Ben is out of service. Her pityful performance in making Brexit a better Brexit than just so leaving pulled at the German Chancellorette's heartstrings. Angela Merkel has a much better performance, but, however, recently even she lost the job to lead her party CDU. She's aware of May's needs. The Brit's Prime Ministress May needs a Plan B. Thus Merkel thought about what was good in recent politics: Her ministers got nice laws with promising names through the German Parliament, the strong kindergarten law, and the strong family law. Thus she called her ministers to make another one of that kind, in English. She want to send it ASAP to her friend in mind, to Theresa May, the strong brexit law, hopefully to help May in her greatest troubles.

According to what UnNews could find out by means of most intensive investigative journalism, maybe May may not be able to accept that late Christmas gift from her German girl friend, at least not until she has checked Donald Trump's Twitter account, hoping to find another, a hundredforty-letter Plan B suggestion there, one that the Brits can understand, and even the least of them, those in Parliament.

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