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Man shot by police during operation

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 12:19:59 (UTC)

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29 January 2009

A man was was shot by police today whilst in hospital for a routine operation.

London, UK-- Mr Smeg Threfell was unconscious during an operation to remove the little known organ, Shatner's Bassoon, when armed cops burst into the operating theater.

Senior House Surgeon, Professor Chris Morris said, in an exclusive unnews interview:

"We were at a delicate stage in the operation to remove Mr Threfell's Bassoon when armed anti-drug police burst through the door screaming that we should all surrender. At that point a single shot was discharged and buried itself in Mr Threfell's scrotum. Fortunately as an experienced general surgeon I was able to remove the bullet and return it to the policeman involved for reuse in a future operation"

A police spokesman was unrepentant saying:

"We know that these despicable people will site their drug factories anywhere, in schools, places of worship even operating theatres in an attempt to use innocents as human shields. We had a credible intelligence that Northwick Park Hospital was in fact a front for the notorious drug known as cake and acted accordingly. The police service reserve the right prosecute our operational responsibilities to remove this destructive and despicable drug from our streets"

By: UnNews Staff Reporter, London England

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