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Man fired from substitute teacher job for having 'Girlie Parts'

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 22:02:59 (UTC)

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21 June 2008


The substitute teacher doing an unusually erotic dance for his students.

LONDON, England - A major controversy has recently unfolded in the heart of London, when a substitute teacher was fired over having 'girlie parts'. The substitute teacher, an overweight man in his 40's who will remain unnamed, was substituting a 9th year class. Said 'girlie parts' appear on his chest, which he used to seduce his misbehaving class which he was substituting for the day.

It was during 3rd period of a 9th year class, who, as any students who have a substitute teacher would do, they goofed off. They were taking advantage of going to the bathroom, they were talking loudly, they were saying dirty words, and such. After numerous tries to talk them into stopping, the substitute teacher threatened to show the class his 'moobies' if they did not cease their tom-foolery. The tom-foolery continued. After finally giving up on trying to nicely make his students stop, he resorted to going through with his threat, he ripped his shirt off and began strutting around the room, showing off the largest moobies that England has seen in over 25 years.

However his plan did not work at all. The students began laughing and cheering loudly, bringing attention to various teachers, and students roaming through the hallways. One student filmed the hilarious act that the teacher did, and put it on the popular video website, youtube. The door swung open and the principal stood there with a mixed look of disgust, and perversion. The teacher was brought to his office, and severely punished, and the students got to go home early for the day.

When the story was run on the British Media Channel the day afterwards on their 10 PM news run, the substitute teacher was mistakenly called a woman by one of the newscasters for the show. The newscaster has since been suspended indefinitely. When questioned about this, the substitute teacher replied:

I know I have 'Girlie Parts' as many people have come to refer to man-boobies as now, but I clearly marked that I am a man with the bald head and the thick beard. I have no idea why I was taken to be a woman!

This is not the first time that someone has been fired for having 'girlie parts' at the school in London. A teacher was fired only just last year for having, and using, her vagina to court a 16 year old student into having sex with her. The school would not comment on the accusations of sexism being shown here.

The man has been fired from his post, and is expected to take up the much more rewarding career as a male-stripper within the next 6 months.

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