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Man exorcises "Devil" through deed poll

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 09:26:59 (UTC)

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31 July 2007

UNNEWS DEED POLL SERVICE, the Internet -- A man with an unusual surname has had it changed by deed poll - because he believed it to be "ungodly".

The 42-year-old from Wokingham, England, was born George Devilman but has now acquired the second name 'Godman'.

Godman explained: "I'm a good, honest Christian. But my name had always been a stigma to me. People would pass judgement on me solely on the basis of my name. Now I feel i can truly find God."

Godman's mother, Barbara Devilman, said: "George always was a bit tetchy about the name he was born into, always thought it was holding him back.

"If changing it makes George happy then I'm happy with his choice. I got to admit, when I was first courting his father, my husband John, I was a bit sceptical about marrying into the name. But I knew John was a good, God-fearing man."

Barbara and John Devilman were two of the nine family members hacked to death in the early hours of the morning by Godman in the family home. Their remains were discovered by accident by a weather vain repair man. Godman had chopped them all to pieces with what forensic experts believe was "a large cutting instrument."
Tom Selleck 320x240

FOUND GOD George Godman is delighted with his new name. Police warn he is probably "armed and highly dangerous"

Police say the scene was "a bloody mess."

It is now believed that Godman is roaming the streets in a converted Popemobile, primed to maim. He is most likely searching out other people with names he deems to be daemonical.

Already singer and songwriter of popular music Damien Rice has gone into hiding, cancelling shows in Japan and Korea over the weekend, because he shares his first name with the Satanic character from horror movie 'The Omen', and now fears for his life.

A source close to Rice said: "Immediately after hearing the news, Damien was reduced to horrible girly fright tears. It left him shaking like Muhammad Ali gone cold turkey."

Rice's sophomore album '9' was released last year. Entertainment Weekly applauded Rice "because of the genuine beauty and eccentricity of his tunes, and his willingness to disrupt the prettiness with crashing rock dissonances."

There is currently no news of a follow-up album.

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