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Man arrested for writing SICK and VILE messages

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Saturday, March 17, 2018, 16:52:59 (UTC)

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17 March 2012
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You can tell how sick he is. He probably supports the immigrants.

London, United Kingdom -- A VILE and sick "internetworking troll" called Sean Duffy has posted DISGUSTING and cruel messages on Facebook. Internet trolling is an act in which PEDOPHILES congregate on social media sites like Twitter and the afromentioned site, and write mean messages in the hopes of gaining a reaction. Duffy, who has been convicted on forming letters to create words which may be interpreted as "not-very-nice", has been sentenced to 18 weeks. Because of his OBSCENE messages, some argue he should be put sentenced to death and then sent back to his own country. He branded the public schoolgirl a ‘spoiled little brat [CENSORED BECAUSE TOO SHOCKING]’ and attached to her tribute site another Facebook page entitled "Tasha MacTank Engine" featuring a video in which her face was put on a train with the theme to Thomas the Tank Engine playing in the background.

FUELLED BY ALCOHOL, he targeted her grieving mother, impersonating her dead daughter on the website, saying: ‘Help me Mummy, it’s hot in Hell’ and captioned images of the girl with 'Lauren's rotting body'. Duffy also HOMOSEXUALLY targeted a site for 16-year-old Hayley Bates, of Biddulph, Staffordshire, who died in a car crash on the M6 last September. He called it 'Hayley Smash Nissan' and doctored a photo of her with crosses over her eyes, with a picture of the victim captioned 'used car for sale' and 'one useless owner'. Andrew Richardson said after the sentencing: The cruel and callous actions of Sean Duffy added to what was already a very distressing and traumatic time for people trying to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. Sean Duffy has been spared jail for his malicious online campaign, which I believe is because the system is twisted and corrupt. Online behaviour such as this is deplorable and unacceptable. As a former editor of the daily mail, I will take a rigorous and firm approach what I believe are any such vile offences like writing nasty text on a computer screen, ensuring criminals like Sean Duffy get what they deserve. This, in my opinion, should be implemented in that every post made on twitter is monitored by me. Because of his actions, I will now proceed to throw myself under a train.

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