UnNews:Major rodent infestation becomes worry for1 in 20 Frenchmen

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Major rodent infestation becomes worry for1 in 20 Frenchmen

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Thursday, March 22, 2018, 23:55:59 (UTC)

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Scare stories were finally proved true today. After lengthy investigations accross France during over years it has finally been revealled that the stories of enormous disfigured upstanding rodents are infesting areas of central France. Apparently they were first noted some years ago in North America but were believed to benign and of little threat, but around the time of the completion of the Eurotunnel the earliest reports started to come in from suburban areas of Paris A great deal of government effort was put into suppressing the stories, and like the tales of 'Area 51' in the USA witnesses of these bipedal rodents were usually dismissed by Parisiens as insanity. It has now however been revealled that much of this has been down to a government cover-up. Far from proliferating through the Eurotunnel, it appears that with the help of the French government the six foot rodents arrived at Charles de Gaul airport, with passports and stamped Visas. On examination of the travel documentation it was revealed that all the creatures had travelled under one of two sudonyms. It seems that a major media organisation in the USA planned this as for back as 1930, and they all were found in a single business district of Paris, universally known a 'EuroDisney' A Disney spokes person is believed to denied that the parks does NOT suffer a rat problem, and that Mickey and Minie are all well and no-one should worry, and best go to bed before the bogie man gets you.

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