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UnNews Logo Potato1NAVELISM
WIKIA CITY, California -- Administrators of Uncyclopedia claim that that website is unaffected by an extortion scam gripping Wikipedia in which editors create vanity pieces on famous corporations, then solicit reimbursement or "protection money."

Uncyclopedia claims that nobody cares what is on its pages, nor would pay to have them changed in one direction or another. If someone wishes to, however, it should be with something that technically is not money — perhaps Bitcoins. Full story»

Chris Christie
LACONIA, New Hampshire -- Chris Christie (R-NJ) has proposed that a bar-coded sticker be attached to the forehead of every illegal immigrant.

Any federal official with a compatible wand could scan Mexicans, to ensure that everyone standing around in the Home Depot parking lot arrives at some nearby construction site. Full story»

NEWCASTLE -- Labour have delayed the election of their leadership due to an absence of a key member: Jeremy Corbyn has taken an unexpected trip to Israel to serve as self-declared common-sense peace envoy to the World.

The Party will hold off the leadership election campaign until the peace negotiations have ended, or until after Corbyn has died (even of natural causes, if it takes that). Full story»

Kanye God
LOS ANGELES, California -- Kanye West has announced he will run for Lord Almighty in 2020.

While accepting the MTV Video Vanguard award, West said that he has already became the savior of rock, despite being a rapper and not a rock musician, so there is no reason why he can’t be the savior of mankind. Full story»

DONCASTER, England -- Nigel Farage has announced that the UK Independence Party will wage a referendum campaign to have Britain leave the EU, independently to the rest of Westminster.

Farage called this a continuation of UKIP party tradition of being independent of anything possible — even of people with the same views. Full story»

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