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Tuesday, March 3, 2015, 18:55 (UTC)
Spock hand
STARFLEET -- Mr. Spock passed away Friday, the victim of a temporal paradox through repeated time travel, which implies that he may never have been alive at all.

He was hospitalized last week but was released several days later. If he achieved this with more time travel, it is possible that he was never hospitalized to begin with. He regretted having smoked, though it is not clear why he didn't just go further back in time and hide his butts. Full story»

OSLO, Norway -- Rats have brought a genus-action lawsuit for libel after scientists in Norway revealed that the true carriers of the Black Death were gerbils.

Researchers writing in the Journal of the British Rodent Guild explain why the plague, which wiped half of Europe's population in the mid 14th century, spread so quickly — gerbils were being passed around openly in cages as playthings — unlike rats, which no one will touch, unless they're Goths or into the occult. Full story»

Charles the tweaker
DENVER, Colorado -- In the early hours of last Saturday morning, a Denver man tweeted claiming to be the first person to binge-watch the new season of House of Cards twice, barely a day after its initial release.

Viewer "Charles" called his buddy for some meth for the occasion, offering to trade his "nut." Charles' contact seemed disinterested in his testicles, however, and more inclined towards cash — which Charles, in his own words, "also had." Full story»

FORT BENNING, Georgia -- The U.S. Army has finished testing a new grenade that can be stacked like Lego blocks.

The munition is part of the Army's strategy of "reaching out" to Islam through play therapy, to help jihadis get in touch with their inner child and view American combat troops as warm and friendly social workers, culminating in President Obama's National Summit on Youngsters Who Don't Play Well. Full story»

PARIS, France -- Death will now be a thing of the past, as L’Oreal has invented a $15 miracle cream that, technically speaking, would let Dame Helen Mirren re-grow a severed foot.

But a customer died after using the product; another’s head turned light blue and a few other customers' bones have dissolved, effects that the FDA claims put the formulation a couple notches beneath the statutory goals of "safety and efficacy." Full story»

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