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Maher says "one side makes crap up"

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Friday, March 23, 2018, 09:42:59 (UTC)

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18 November 2010

Bill Maher

A man who just looks as though he knows he's right. Well, he isn't. And another thing--

NEW YORK CITY -- American commentator Bill Maher of the HBO movie channel told a national audience that, in the current political debate, the difference between the two sides is that "one side makes crap up."

Mr. Maher did not cite UnNews by name during his remarks on Tuesday on MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann, but the meaning of his remarks is unmistakeable and scurrilous: that the mainstream media is more diligent on fact-checking than the trusted UnNews service.

UnNews Executive Editor Morris Greeley was quick to respond to the televised slander. "Making crap up? How about an admitted fake memo that had to be taken seriously anyway because of the 'important questions' it raised about Bush? That we need more abortions to get stem cells so Superman can walk again? That Obama--Obama--" Aides then eased the UnNews executive into a chair and calmed him down with another coffee brandy, which has become his beverage of choice in the hours since the FDA shut down Four Loko.

One of the unnamed aides asserted that, just in the last week, UnNews was first to report the astonishing three-way tie in the Alaska race for U.S. Senator, the recent invention of homosexuality near San Francisco, and several other scoops that misinformed readers had thought only occurred in episodes of a network sit-com. He conceded, however, that the service has been singularly unable to determine the name of the political party that is about to take over the U.S. House, or the names and correct pronunciation of its leaders. "But can you blame us?" he asked.

However, he stressed that UnNews has a legal department, which will not let some former stand-up comic on a network that no one watches call into question the reputation of the service for veracity.

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