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MLK "Fun Shoot" cancelled

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018, 17:52:59 (UTC)

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16 January 2016

MLK Fun Shoot

The poster for the base's fun marksmanship competition. The basis of the misunderstanding remains unclear.

WARNER ROBINS, Georgia -- Officials at Robins AFB here have hastily cancelled the annual "Martin Luther King, Jr. Fun Shoot" that was to take place on Monday.

Viewers of the posters on base mistakenly thought that, instead of a marksmanship competition scheduled for the King national holiday, entrants would be competing to achieve a "fun shoot" of Rev. King himself. However, Rev. King was already shot in Memphis in 1968, so a winner has already been declared.

The 78th Force Support Squadron hastily renamed the event the Sen. Herman Talmadge Fun Shoot that Happens to Occur on MLK Day and pulled down the original batch of posters from the entire base.

African Americans are not required to read carefully or endure the playful ridicule that other Americans get, but are entitled to complete deference approaching censorship, especially at university, which is otherwise a cauldron of competing ideas with full tenure for everyone in charge.

Sarah Slaylin

Governor Sarah Palin, with bull's-eyes behind political opponents in a poster, kicked off the modern era of the Republican Party's open advocacy of shooting Negroes.

Some viewing the Robins poster thought it conjured up the evil time in American history where most farmers in the Southern United States did not need their slaves to actually pick cotton, but instead used them for target practice. The outcry is the worst since mayoral aide David Howard in 95% black Washington, D.C., referred to a budget proposal as "niggardly." Mr. Howard was the object of the capital's most recent lynching, though he has now been reincarnated as Donald Trump and is free to say whatever he likes with impunity.

As always, the mistaken suggestion that one is aiming to aim at a black person is the same as a conspiracy to shoot all black people everywhere.

White House spokesman, "Josh" "Earnest," whose "black" boss is a clear target of the conspiracy, stated that the contest was an embarrassment to the nation and probably a "recruiting poster" for ISIS terrorists worse than anything Mr. Trump has said. By comparison, having Iran capture ten seamen, wrap the female one in a birqa, and photograph them in the traditional ready-for-beheading stance on the very evening the President took a victory lap for "convincing Iran to disarm" in his final State of the Union address, was of no propaganda value at all.

The Republican Party response to the speech was given by Gov. Nikki Haley of South Carolina. Before agreeing with the President that Mr. Trump should "shut the hell up," Gov. Haley took a victory lap of her own for purging her state's Capitol of divisive and controversial confederate flags after a church massacre. She stated that for anyone else who wants South Carolina to repudiate more of its history, shooting nine more black people at random would attract solid publicity.

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