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MC Hammer extensions removed from flowcharts

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 10:55:59 (UTC)

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4 December 2007

90s flowchart

Flowcharts like this will require some minor reconstructions.

LONDON, Bombay - An extension to the common flowchart added in 1990 has finally been removed. This controversial decision was opposed by a large number of mathematicians until there was enough evidence composed together to defeat them. These new standards require that all flowcharts must end at the first "Stop".

In 1990, when MC Hammer ascended to the mathematical throne, he discovered that on most flowcharts, after the "Stop", a lot more could be done, so to extend progress, he appended the "Hammertime" box, which was used on flowcharts to show what extras could be performed afterwards. For example: on a meal-cooking flowchart, one could go through the standard cooking flowchart, then, after "stop", they can "hammertime", then follow a cleaning-up method.

However, as he went bankrupt in 1996, MC Hammer lost the throne. The throne was then taken by Ernest Rutherford after he came back from the grave. After many years, he proceeded to split the flowchart. His analysis showed that the "Stop" function was sufficient, and that if one did not know how to clean up, they could refer to the cleaning-up flowchart. Since this discovery in 2002, there has been increasing pressure and evidence to remove the extensions, until only a few hours ago, when the extensions were removed altogether.

At this early stage, it is unknown whether this decision will be accepted by the general public, or become an ignored standard. What can be said now is that this standard is unpopular, but does reduce clutter.

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