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Local boy has memorable halloween experience

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Sunday, March 18, 2018, 20:02:59 (UTC)

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31 October 2008

SAN DIEGO,CALIFORNIA-One chilly halloween afternoon, a young boy was attacked by a monster. Miraculously, the boy defeated it. UnNews caught up with this hero and interviewed him. Here it is.

UN:So, what happened to you?

Boy:I was playing my X-box and a monster jumped out.

UN:Wow! How did you stay alive?

Boy:I had my laser-sword and I killed it.

UN:Did you feel proud?

Boy:I killed a monster.

UN:Is that a yes?

Boy:My name is Jeffery!

UN:Good job, can we see your laser-sword?


UN:Why not?

Jeffery:No one is allowed to see it but me!

Jeffery, then threw a tantrum for ten minutes and his parents asked us to leave. Sources say that he was put in a time out until he learned his lesson.

Jeffery went as Batman this halloween and other than his encounter with a ferocious monster, his halloween was one of his best.

"He got a lot of candy," said Mrs.Smith, Jeffery's mom. "We told him not to share with that mean old monster." "Jeffery wouldn't lie to a soul," said his faithful father. "His laser-sword has been passed down generation to generation."

The police found no evidence to support that there was a monster, but Jeffery got mad at the police and told them to look harder.When the police started to leave, Jeffery got even more mad and blocked the door. Police officers reportedly stayed at Jeffery's house, pretending to look for clues for three hours. The police finally got to sneak out of the house after Jeffery took a nap. Upon waking up to find no police officers, Jeffery made this final statement:

"That monster is a tricky one."

edit Sources

  • Ernie Macmeyer, Jeffery's classmate "[ He told us everything]". Ernie Macmeyer, October 31, 2008
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