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Lindsay Lohan trying every rehab center available

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Saturday, March 24, 2018, 14:18:59 (UTC)

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12 May 2013


You can look like Lohan too!

Los Angeles, USA

Not content with her latest order to attend a rehab clinic, Lindsay Lohan is apparently trying to set a new world record for the most rehab clinics visited in one day. The judge, however, didn't believe this is a valid record attempt at all, describing Lohan as "merely smoking hash in the car between clinics." Her behavior promted the judge to recommend jail for Lohan should she continue changing facilities.

Friends of the Mean Girls star told UnNews that Lohan could not live without her ADHD medication and wanted to change to a facility which allows drug use. Her 90 day order to attend drug rehabilitation clearly states she must only attend the Betty Ford Center and that the Chateau Marmont is not "a sort of a rehab place" as Lohan suggested. The star is furious at the judge's decision and claims that the drug, Adderall, helps her to maintain her weight. She also claims cocaine maintains her height and heroin bolsters her good bacteria.

With five facilities visited so far, Lohan will not only have to stay where she's told but also talk with her parents in family sessions - a ruling which thrilled Lohan.

Should the troubled starlet manage to get through the program, we can only wonder what she will do next. What is certain is that if she violates the terms of the order, the judge will impose ten forced screenings of Liz and Dick for each time she freely moves from one center to another and is threatening Lohan with personally performing her roles from the Parent Trap while Ellen DeGeneres sends Dennis Quaid into the Betty Ford Center, shouting, "Dennis Quaid doesn't have to be here!" All of these threats and taunts will have made Lohan think - her plan was to go to jail and then change jails by stating that, "Meth helps condition my hair" but friends say she now thinks jail will be harder to leave freely everyday.

Will she ever return to a normal life? Only she can help herself, the Betty Ford Center has tried everything.

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