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4 December 2010

Marshmallow car

A+ for safety AND yummyness!

DETROIT, Michigan -- Responding to Toyota of Japan's latest twist on car safety, the 2011 Toyota Burrito, General Motors has introduced the 2011 Airbag. The Airbag is a 4 cylinder, 60 hp coupe featuring surround sound, a cute Filipina girl, and airbags in lieu of a body and frame. It is thought to increase crash survivability by 200% and be popular among young urban males between 18-24 years of age.

Why didn't we think of this sooner?! We are so stupid! remarked Billy "Billy Bum-Bum" Redsweater, spokeshole for GM. It's no wonder even KIA passed us up there for a while! Well look OUT dudes, here we come-and we've got full surround sound AND a hot little chicky in here! Woo hoo!

Pamphlets were handed out after the presentation, and small little triangular PB & JS were enjoyed by all.

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